Honestly Podcast with Clemmie Telford

CHILDHOOD CANCER: An Honest Conversation With Catherie Pointer And Sheona Scales

Episode Summary

In light of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Clemmie was able to sit down with two special guests working hard to bring awareness to the matter. Childhood cancer survivor turned cancer researcher Catherine Pointer, speaks about her personal journey as she was diagnosed with Leukaemia when she was a teenager. At a pivotal time of finding your feet, Catherine had to drop out of school and fight for her life, which she opens up about with Clemmie. Albeit an incredibly difficult time for Catherine and her family, she was able to find the strength to not just survive, but thrive as she managed to complete her qualifications to become a cancer researcher. Clemmie also had the chance of speaking to one of the pioneering leaders at Cancer Research UK - Dr Sheona Scales. As of 2017 Sheona has been working with Cancer Research UK and is now the Cancer Research UK Lead for Paediatric Research and is responsible for implementing their new strategy for children and young people’s cancer research, aiming to improve survival and long-term outcomes for children with cancer. Two women intent on developing awareness and solutions for Children and Young people with Cancer. If you’d like to check out some of the work Cancer Research UK have been doing, head to https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/children-and-young-people